Peak 8 (4).JPG

The GORGEOUS Peak 8 of Breckenridge

I grew up in the Colorado ski town of Breckenridge, which means I have excellent ice-scraping, snow-shoveling, woodstove-lighting skills. Like all Breck kids, I spent my free time on the ski slopes and frozen pond. And shoveling more snow.

My undergrad degree is in Biology and my masters is in Sport Science, clearly setting me up for a career in fiction writing. I’ve held every position on a hockey bench: player, coach, referee, athletic trainer… yes, even Zamboni driver. I worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer, first at the high school level and then at my alma mater, Colorado College. Eventually, I semi-retired from sports medicine to become a fully-tired mom.

I live in Colorado Springs with my husband, two kids, and a T-Rex disguised as a cute puppy. Hobbies include books, dogs, dessert, and anything outdoors on a gorgeous Colorado day. Combine all four and you’ll never get rid of me.

I write girls who...